Bright Young Things!


he Bright Young Things were the socialite press dahlings of 1920’s London and the epitome of artistic excess. They were an eclectic set of aristocrat creatives – poets, painters, novelists and intellectuals – and inspired the artists, writers and journalists of their time.

Roaring Twenties

A visit to Charleston, the Sussex retreat of the Bloomsbury Set, was the starting point for our BYT shoot. The house and garden are brimming with vibrant object d’art and collectibles, rich tapestries, vibrant frescoes and mosaic. From the seclusion of Charleston’s gardens, the Bloomsbury Set could hear the booming canons of the Second World War carrying across from France. It was a surreal paradox; living life to the fullest and without consequence in a world of turmoil.

In Charleston they could live without restriction or judgement. It was a place that embraced freedom of expression, freedom of sexuality and freedom of lifestyle. The residents and guests at Charleston played with gender roles, turned social constraints on their head and challenged preconception and expectation. They were rebels, leaders and subversives.


It seems that every generation has it’s own Bright Young Things – beacons of creativity and humour in what are otherwise serious times. In the era of Brexit, Trump and fake news, Simon and SWH Art Team wanted to celebrate the BYTs of today. For us here and now. It was the beginning of BYT4C21.

We assembled a collective of clients and friends from the SWH community who embody Brighton’s own Bright Young Things. They are an eclectic group of creatives and innovators who inspire us and the work we do. And with them as our models, we pay homage to the Bright Young Things of the 1920’s who came a hundred years earlier.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. – Oscar Wilde

The Bright Young Things

Simon directed BYT4C21, with SWH Art Team delivering their editorial deconstruction of 1920’s styles. The team were Simon, Lora, Dan, Hayley, and Rhiannon.

The hair was purposefully paired down to soft lines, classic shapes and natural texture. Styling was understated with minimal products used to give shine, grittiness or hold where needed to keep the looks natural. The colour palette was left muted on the whole, to add brilliance or depth without distracting from the style.

But the shoot wasn’t about the hair. It was about the models themselves. The characters behind the looks. Our Bright Young Things…

Alice; pole-dancing, Stetson-toting drag king Max Legroom Rebecca; C21 North Laine mod and vintage connoisseur  Jordan; musician and model Zara; Motown aficionado, singer and indie-child Peter; artisan jeweller and horologist Megan; international model and bookbinder Jason; dancer, fashionista and Madame Jo-Jo’s icon, Venus.

The Shoot

Bright Young Things:BYT4C21 was shot on-location at Sussex Square and Palmeira Square as well as in-studio at Studio By Sea.

Xoe Kinglsey was on make-up with Kenny McCracken working his magic with the camera. Clothing was provided by our models, with styling by Jason and Peter.

The shoot references the anti-fashion fashion that is synonymous with SWH shoots and stagework. And launches 2019 – what promises to be an even more exciting year in the journey of SWH Team and our community.

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