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urly and afro hair requires more considerate homecare and styling to optimise the health and appearance of the curl. At Simon Webster Hair we have a team of specialists to make sure your curls always look and feel at their best.

Embrace The Curl!

We love curly hair at SWH and our stylists are skilled in the best techniques to style and care for all curl types. In 2015 we won the Mizani Afro Award and at SWH we champion the curl in all its many forms. Whatever your curl type, we have the style equation for you to keep your hair full of bounce, shine and softness: start-style-finish.

What Makes Curly Hair Unique?

Once hair grows from the skin, it’s already dead. You can’t revive it, but you can keep it looking and feeling as healthy as possible. The scalp releases oils onto the hair, which travel down the hair length to the tip. The hair, the easier it is for those oils to travel down the lengths of the hair.

Curly hair tends to be drier because natural oils can’t travel down the bends as easily to condition the full length. Washing the hair too frequently strips out those much-needed oils and adds to the problem. With tighter curls and afro, protecting the ends is crucial because if they become too dry, they can split easily. It may seem like the hair isn’t growing at all, when in fact it’s just breakage.

Afro hair grows at a more upward angle than Caucasian or Asian hair types, and twists as it grows, making the texture more coarse. It tends to absorb light and can appear less glossy. There are five afro hair types ranging from loose curls to tight spirals or coils. Chemical- or heat-treatments can straighten the hair, but accelerate dryness. While wearing your hair straight or curly is a purely personal choice, at SWH we believe in embracing your natural curl. Once you know how, you can celebrate your natural hair with an effective hair-care routine.

Banishing Breakage

Washing, styling and colouring can all add to breakage if the right routine isn’t followed. So you need to tackle dryness before it becomes an issue. The best way is to include moisture treatments in your hair-care routine and products that will help seal in the oils. Spritzing the hair with water before using a sealing product helps maintain the elasticity and definition of the curls.
The more you manipulate hair, the weaker the hair strands become. Brushing elongates the curl as it passes through the bristles, which affects the elasticity and makes the hair weaker. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the coils and twists after cleansing and during styling.

Consider Co-Washing

As well as dryness, over-washing can make your hair frizzier and harder to manage. With a Co-Wash you’re using a cleansing conditioner that removes build-up on the hair and scalp, without the detergents you find in shampoo. It leaves more of the natural oils in the hair. If you can reduce your shampoo to once a week (or less) and use your Co-Wash product in-between, you’ll have fresh, bouncy curls without the frizz!

SWH Afro & Curl Specialist, Dan recommends…

Start: KMS Moist Repair Cleansing Conditioner

Keep It Soft!

Friction and manipulation is one of the main causes of unruliness. At night, try tying your hair in a silk scarf or getting yourself silk pillowcases. The silky fabric reduces the friction on your hair when you’re tossing and turning during the night.

Then, after you’ve washed (or Co-Washed) you need to blot the water from your hair. Removing excess moisture ensures your products aren’t diluted when they go in your hair. Use yesterday’s t-shirt (or something equally soft). Towels are quite rough and hair is weaker when wet, so towel-drying may cause extra frizz and breakage.

African tribeswomen have worn Bantu knots for centuries, particularly the Zulu. The style is iconic and become central to the debate on cultural appropriation within fashion as more celebrities wear the style. It’s a practical way to protect the condition of afro curls and a great style after washing to allow the hair to dry naturally and maintain moisture. Left in overnight, they can be taken down the next day to create beautiful waves.

Comb through wet hair with a wide-tooth comb and section the hair into squares. Then individually twist or braid the sections. Then twist again into little knots and tuck the ends underneath for extra protection. If needed, use a pin to secure. Section the hair neatly for a precise, geometric look, or leave them more naturally placed. More complicated styling techniques incorporate diamonds, triangles or stars in the sectioning pattern.
Dan Recommends…

Style: KMS Curl Up Perfecting Lotion

Seal In The Moisture

Because textured, curly and afro hair loses moisture quickly, products are easily-absorbed. But moisture can also leave the hair just as fast. By sealing your conditioning products with an oil, you’ll benefit from the moisture they provide all day long. As a bonus, most finishing products for curls are anti-humectant, meaning they repel external moisture. So, no fly away frizz to deal with!
Dan Recommends…

Finish: KMS Tame Frizz De-Frizz oil

Complimentary Curl Consultations

At Simon Webster Hair we offer complimentary, commitment-free consultations with all of our team, to give you the best insight into your hair type and ideal styling plan. We’re happy to offer advice on product choice, styling ideas and colour techniques bespoke to your lifestyle, routine and hair type. Whatever your hair type, we have the ideal stylist for you. For curly hair and afro clients, we have stylists across all levels that can advise you and to book the specialist most suited to you. We recommend booking via our Front of House Team for your initial visit.

“Superior service and satisfaction is guaranteed from this creative and highly skilled team of artisans. The atmosphere is cool and the vibe is inviting. When my Afro coils need nurturing, I make a bee-line to Simon for some proper pampering. I always leave the salon looking and feeling great!” – Delia Chandler

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  • Carol


    Do you do wash and blow for weaves?
    I would also like to remove the weave in a month and put in braids, before I go on holiday then when I return put the weave back in.
    Is this something your team can do?


    • Sophie Webster

      Hi Carol – thanks for your question! We do cleanse and blow-dry hair with weave and I’d recommend Dan for that service. We don’t currently remove or fit weaves, so it may be more practical for you to have the weave removed and braiding done in one salon, for ease and time. If you’d like any further detail, or to make an appointment, please just give us a call!

      Thanks, Sophie, SWH Team

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