ove That Hair! (Octopus/Ilex Books 2017) is a beautifully illustrated step-by-step guide to hairstyling and updos for teens to twentysomethings—head-turning styles for every occasion. 

Ideal for anyone wanting to expand their styling skills, the book has proven a success already with some great industry press coverage as well as being stocked by international retailers Urban Outfitters and Waterstones.

It has been featured by Layered Online, the go-to site for those who love all things hair.

The online magazine filmed SWH Team’s Simon Webster for their 7 Days, 7 Ways vlog—providing styling inspiration to take you from Monday morning to Sunday evening.

SWH Team also demoed two looks for Layered’s ‘Do The Do’ from the runways of Paris Fashion Week; the Chanel ‘croissant’ and a Kardashian-esque accessorised ponytail.

Now with Love That Hair! Hayley Mallinder has provided not a week, but a whole month’s worth of hair-inspo and tips.

The Creators

Hayley Mallinder brought her styling expertise to the UK from Perth, Australia, where she ran her own hair salon.

Now a Senior Stylist and Colourist at Simon Webster Hair, she was approached for a collaboration by the publisher,a long-term client impressed by Hayley’s vast repertoire of styling ideas and inspiration.

The brief was to create a diverse collection of looks that could be practiced at home and recreated on your own hair or on your friends’. There are thirty-two looks that can be styled in minutes, with minimal accessories and product needed.

The easy-to-follow instructions by Hayley and intricate illustrations by Emma Leonard set it apart from the usual hair how-tos online and in publication.

Emma is a Melbourne-based illustrator who combines traditional media with digital techniques to create carefully considered renderings of delicate femininity, fragility and ethereal beauty. Her clients include Elle Magazine, Covergirl NY and MTV.

Styling hair takes practice, but take your time and try doing it with friends until you’ve got the hang of it.  You’ll soon be adapting and combining the styles to wear your hair a little different every day.

 Styles for Every Occasion…

Hayley’s selection was inspired by the trends and styles she saw around the streets of Brighton and was perfected with hours of practice on models, clients and colleagues in-salon at Simon Webster Hair.

Hayley worked on a real variety of people to create a comprehensive selection of styles to suit all hair types, lengths, face shapes and lifestyles:

  • Braids, fishtails and plaits
  • Ponies, bunches and pli
  • Twists, chignons and cascades
  • Buns, topknots and pretzels
  • Hairbows, halos and crowns
  • Victory rolls, beehives and finger waves
  • Quiffs, fringes and partings

Tips for Every Style…

Each look was meticulously photographed and then broken down into key stages, which were then interpreted by top fashion illustrator Emma.

Once complete, Hayley wrote out the steps from the perspective of a non-hairdresser to ensure the looks are easily achieved, with little fuss and ultimate impact.

There is advice and tips for different hair types and textures, from where to place your parting, which brush to use for specific finishes and how to build a secure base for more complex, gravity-defying styles.

There are sleek, professional looks, dishevelled next-day looks and go-to favourites as well as a guide to the ideal styling tools to ensure any look is easily-achievable:

  • Pins, grips and clips
  • Doughnuts, buns and padding
  • Elastics, bungees and ribbon
  • Tongs, wands and crimpers
  • Combs, brushes and dryers

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