LUXE: Ultimate Hairstyling Packages


xtend and enhance your hairstyle with bespoke LUXE cutting and styling packages at Simon Webster Hair. 

The ultimate salon experience is about more than just a haircut.

Bespoke LUXE packages offer the best styling, extend the life of your cut and provide perfect aftercare for incredible value.

KMS invited the UK’s most acclaimed beauty and lifestyle influencers to experience the LUXE treatment for themselves.

Hannah Crosskey, Brittany Bathgate, Laura Byrnes, Alexis Foreman and Georgia Luisa Meramo enjoyed bespoke LUXE blow-dries with SWH Team before heading out for a spot of Brighton sight-seeing. Well, you’ve got to look your best.

Style Matters

Taking time out for yourself is a necessary luxury and our clients say their time in-salon is one of those important little treats.

And because we love making our clients feel great, we’ve made your visit even more special.

Introducing bespoke SWH LUXE Packages…

LUXE services add a few extra special touches to your in-salon experience. You can enjoy a 90-minute appointment with our acclaimed specialist team including personalised hair analysis and specially-selected treatments. Following your style or cut, your SWH Team stylist will prescribe a comprehensive aftercare routine. And we’ll even give you the take-home products to enhance and extend the beauty of your hairstyle.

KMS Style Primers are customisable for an outstanding in-salon service, extending your hairstyle for up to seven washes.

Each 90-minute service incorporates four stages of effortless indulgence:

  • Bespoke consultation to determine the needs of your hair.
  • Nourishing and re-balancing in-salon ritual to optimise your chosen styling service.
  • Cutting or styling service from one of our multi-award-winning team.
  • Aftercare prescription, complete with KMS Style Primer to extend the life of your style and a specially-selected KMS travel-size to recreate your look time after time.

Complete Hair Heaven

LUXE services allow you more time in-salon to be pampered and refreshed. Your home-haircare routine is taken care of. Your styling will last for weeks. Ans this complete hair heaven is offered at a rate exclusively reserved for package bookings. It’s the ideal gift for a loved one, of course. But we’re saying why not book one just for you? Go on!

It’s good to be good to yourself…

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