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WH shampoo and conditioner refills now available in-salon. Save plastic – save pounds – save the planet.

Plastic (not so) fantastic!

Thanks to the continued efforts of the likes of David Attenborough and Extinction Rebellion, we’re all more aware of the issues surrounding single-use plastics. From shopping bags, to coffee cups, drinking straws to water bottles, we’re reviewing our habits in a bid to reduce our consumption.

Plastic production contributes to pollution of the air, while plastic waste contributes to pollution of the seas and soil. So without making some drastic changes, we’re heading towards the suffocation of the planet.

Responsible choices

At Simon Webster Hair, we’re doing what we can to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

We’ve used Scrummi recycled and recyclable 100% bamboo towels for 5 years. The towels are used once with a client’s service and then reused for cleaning around the salon before being recycled again. The amount of water and electricity that we save off-sets the production impact as well as saving the detergents used in laundry from entering the water system.

We recently switched to using Who Gives A Crap recycled premium tissues and toilet paper.

Made of 100% forest-friendly bamboo with no inks, dyes or scents, it’s another way that we’re examining our practices to see where we can make improvements.

Our business waste is collected by Paper Round, who have a Zero-to-landfill policy. All SWH waste that can be recycled, is recycled. And all other waste is used in the production of green energy.

We’re moving towards paper-free in every department we can with the team, our clients and suppliers.

Our retail products

Our suppliers don’t test on animals or commission animal testing. Most of the cleansers and conditioners we sell are paraben- and sulphate-free. And while not specifically developed according to vegan policy, the vast majority of our cleansers and styling products don’t contain any animal products or derivatives and have been classified as vegan-friendly.

SWH refills

At Simon Webster Hair, we’ve been calling for our suppliers to offer refillable products to help cut down on the unnecessary production and use of plastic.

While they’re in the development stages of official refillable products, we’ve created our own initiative; SWH refills.

How it works

It’s a simple policy. Buy your original shampoos and conditioners from us and enjoy your products at home. Once empty, return the bottles to us and we’ll refill them for you for as long as the bottles are reusable.

SWH refills manes we reduce the amount of plastic we consume, we reuse your bottles to reduce the cost we sell the product to you for and can recycle plastic bottles that you return that aren’t reusable.

It’s our way of continuing to strive towards more ethical and responsible business practices.

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