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idespread industry recognition for SWH arrived in 2017. After winning the Southern Region of the L’Oreal Colour Trophy competition and coming 3rd overall in the UK, we scooped the UK Ultimate Salon Award in June.

The award recognises excellence in innovation, quality, creativity and progressive employment principles across the board and we were honoured to win such an accolade.

The  winners were truly deserving with phenomenal entries of an extremely high standard. The Ultimate Salon Winner, Simon Webster Hair, shone through across all areas, including creativity and marketing.

More success followed, with SWH nominated for the Best Salon Team Award at the Grand Finals of the Creative Head Most Wanted Awards, and scooping two nominations in the British Hairdressing Business Awards:

  • Salon of the Year
  • Salon Team of the Year

These are two of the most prestigious awards in the world of hairdressing. Although we didn’t win, it further strengthened our belief in our ethos, our brand and our team.

SWH Art Team

So what better time to officially the launch the SWH Art Team under the direction of Simon Webster, UK Ambassador for KMS? The development of SWH Art Team has given us the opportunity to reward some of the extraordinary talent we are privileged to have at Simon Webster Hair and showcase our brand on a bigger platform.

As with all things, our approach to the SWH Art Team is different to most, with an inclusive outlook that allows everyone to participate and develop their skills within an artistic collaborative team. Our incredible stylists present their work on the most prestigious of stages and events, with appearances for The Fellowship, at Salon International, Salon Smart, L’Oreal Academy and KMS Style Council amongst others.

The Fellowship For British Hairdressing are delighted to welcome Simon Webster Hair to our portfolio of members. He’s played an active role, with himself and his team taking part in our masterclass and mentoring events. They proved a very fresh and exciting addition to the Fellowships’ stage at Salon 2017. — Ann Herman, Events Director, Fellowship for British Hairdressing.

From our Junior Team to our Brand Ambassadors, our permanent styling team to our visiting ‘guest artists’ everyone has the opportunity to work on our campaigns, stage presentations and editorial work. By exposing the whole team to the broader aspects of hairdressing, we believe that we can innovate, inspire and re-invest in our clients, our team and our industry as a whole.

And this is the perfect time to proudly announce the promotion of two of our family to SWH Team Brand Ambassador roles, representing the SWH brand on a national and international stage: Patrick and Lora.

#SWHCreate, #SWHEducate

Under the banner of #SWHCreate, our collective of L’Oreal ID Artists, Colour Specialists and competition winners bring an expert eye and innovative techniques to our campaigns, collections and platform work.

#SWHCreate encompasses video, live styling and editorials that demonstrate the passion we have for our craft and exude the creativity, beauty and difference that SWH prides itself on. #SWHCreate brings together and curates the talents and ideas of the SWH family like never before.

The #SWHEducate initiative promotes professional excellence and development, drawing on the experience and achievements of our Brand Ambassadors and Educators across a diversity of fields within hairdressing.

#SWHEducate is not just about developing the skills of the team, but presenting the SWH ethos and approach to styling to a wider industry audience. Our SWH Brand Ambassadors excel in translating runway work, session and Avant Garde styling to commercial looks and in-salon styling and their trend prediction is on-point.

#SWHEducate combines both internal education and external training schemes, uniquely designed to create bespoke training packages for individuals and groups alike.

Together, Simon and the SWH Brand Ambassadors bring an exciting array of talent, knowledge and enthusiasm that is unrivalled and represents exactly what Simon Webster Hair is about: creativity and innovation, passion and professionalism.

Watch this space for updates on their projects, adventures and how they’re rocking our hairdressing world! For inquiries or bookings, salon or professional, contact the salon.

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