Canada Calling: SWH go to Toronto!


oronto was the 2018 host city for Globalzoom; the worldwide Goldwell colour competition. Over twenty countries competed for three prizes to be crowned international champions of their colour craft.

Four on Tour

SWH Art Team (Simon, Lora and Dan) – plus Mrs W of course – headed off to Canada in September. It was the second Globalzoom competition and convention that we’d attended and was as amazing as the first. Globalzoom is a 3-day event where the latest Goldwell collection and colour technologies are unveiled. KMS and Goldwell educators from all over the world demonstrate the newest products and styling techniques. And then there’s the competition finale. But there’s more than hair to do on a trip like this.

Canadian Clichés

It was the first trip to Canada for all of us and we were determined to experience every last little bit of it. Cue the stereotypes all tangling together: Ice-hockey, Niagra, architecture, poutine, baseball, beer, art, vintage stores, NFL, Lake Ontario, moose… no cliché was left unturned.

After a long flight we arrived at the Sheraton in the Financial District to find luxurious rooms with the most amazing views and mingling in the bar with the 250 UK hairdressers and salon owners that had made their way to the event. Day one was a mass excursion to Niagra and a balmy 23C for the boat trip. A fabulous evening reception at The Rec Room, Toronto’s biggest arcade and games centre, was an opportunity to socialise and reconnect.

The Competition – Elemental 

Day two and it was an early start for the Globalzoom competition kick-off. Around 80 competing colourists spent the day colouring and styling their model; from a bleach base to final look in just four hours. While onlookers amassed around them and judges scrutinised every brush stroke and application, the colourists worked their magic on their models. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the exhibition centre, KMS and Goldwell stages were bustling and brimming with presenters, demos and models.

Competitors in Globalzoom 2018 presented their interpretations of Goldwell’s Elemental Collection. The looks reflected trends for earthy, colour-washed panels of hair with natural texture and jagged layers. Paired with translucent PVC creations and clothing, the juxtaposition of natural and manmade elements conjured up images of 60’s sci-fi film and iconography. Inspired by the struggle to balance technological progress and a return to a more ethical existence it draws on the social conversations that have shaped the year.

The 2019 Collection – Remix

Globalzoom was the unveiling of the 2019 Goldwell Collection: Remix. In vivid contrast to the quiet, muted tones of Elemental, Remix is an explosion of colour and volume. It’s playful and nostalgic, stealing elements of 40’s power-styling, 60’s Pop Art movement and 80’s sass! Remix is about making a statement, creating a noise and leading the way. It’s a technical collection all about luminosity and vibrance of colour with careful placement and colour-blocking. Styling focuses on lush texture and strong shapes to create bold silhouettes.

For us at SWH, it was just the kind of collection we wanted to see – the kind of work that we love – powerful, unashamed and fun. It’s the kind of creative colour that we enjoy creating in-salon, onstage and in front of the camera lens. And so it was that we left inspired, uplifted and hungry to take part in Colourzoom 2019.

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