We are Gender Neutral


ender Neutral Pricing on Styling & Colouring. At Simon Webster Hair we offer gender neutral pricing on all our styling and colouring services. We aim to promote and support freedom of choice, freedom of expression and freedom of identity for all.


Our recent shoot XY was inspired by the simple androgyny, rawness and beauty of shape and styling irrespective of gender and reflects the salon’s progressive and inclusive ethos.

Our onstage presentation at the Fellowship Masterclass to our industry peers pushed that one stage further. We presented the same haircut on two models, one male and one female—but manipulated in different ways. The aim was to create a contrasting look from the same styles.

Delighted to have been in a position to introduce Simon Webster at one of our recent Fellowship ‘up close and personal’ events. He’s a true visionary – his session skills brought a breath of fresh air to our overall presentation. — Errol Douglas MBE

How is SWH different?

Simon Webster Hair was founded in 2012 when we, Simon and Sophie, met as hairdresser and client.

We married and opened our salon in eight months. We’d often discussed how traditional salon environments of procedures could be frustrating, both for a stylist to work from and a client to visit. When we made the step towards opening our own salon, our key motivator was to provide an alternative.

We wanted to specifically tackle and remove the obstacles we’d both experienced from different sides of the chair. This encompasses our employment terms and opportunities, the work we do in-salon and for the music and fashion industries, the diversity of our stylists and our client-centric approach.

What is Gender Neutral Styling?

We offer a complete range of colour, cutting and styling services based on the time taken to fulfil the service, rather than the gender of the client.

Traditionally, haircuts and styling often fitted stereotypes labelled ‘male’ or ‘female’. As hairdressing has become more creative and inclusive, those restrictions have disappeared. Styling is more universal and the idea of pricing according to gender has become outdated and often irrelevant.

Binary-labelling of services can exclude clients unnecessarily and the ethos of Simon Webster Hair celebrates diversity, individuality and inclusivity. As a modern business, there are no barriers of age, gender or race in any of our services.

Our comprehensive range of services reflect the whole spectrum of our local community, enabling all walks of life to access our services and experience what the culture of a C21, forward-thinking salon is about.

What should I book?

Our Front of House Team are able to offer you advice as to what cutting service to book if you’re not sure.

Cropped styles often take only 45 minutes. That increases to 60 minutes for longer looks and 90 minutes for hair that is particularly thick, long or more complex styles. If you are thinking of changing the style rather than maintaining what you already have, 90 minutes may be suggested.

If it’s your first cut with us, we recommend booking a  minimum 60 minutes. If it takes less, we’ll reduce the charge and time needed for future bookings at reception. Simple!

Gender Neutral is not a trend. It is an initiative to provide a more bespoke service and equality of pricing for all. And a movement towards a more inclusive and progressive approach.

  • 30mins – clipper cuts; back and sides only
  • 45mins – cropped or very short styles
  • 60mins – most styles, jaw-length or longer
  • 90mins – restyles or particularly long, thick or curly hair

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